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Questions, perhaps.

"Why do people count on their fingers?  Because it is a strategy that transforms a task by forming a functional system that includes a representational media (the fingers) that permits other media to be coordinated in new ways." Edwin Hutchins*

Do you know how many passwords you have?

Do you know the function of every file on your hard drive?

If you died tomorrow, could anyone else reconstruct what you have been doing?

Do you have some feature of your computer that requires a memorized workaround and that you have decided is too complicated to fix?

Other than a backup file, do you have a map of the organization of your hard drive or do you just know it by heart?

If you do know it by heart, do you have an idea of how many print pages it would take to represent everything you and your computer know together?

Does anyone else have this information?

Do you sometimes take notes about your work, only to find that the notes are too lengthy to be helpful?

Can you log off and boot up again without a Microsoft error message once in a while?  Really?

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The Tower of Babel


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