The Tower of Babel Example:  

My computer has six drives: A drive, C-drive, CD-ROM drive, CD write drive, DVD drive, Zip drive. It is hooked up to a screen, a keyboard, a mouse, a printer, a scanner, a DSL modem, speakers, a woofer, a video firewire, and a surge suppressor. It has 6,986.448,896 used bytes and 10,278,141,952 free bytes on the FAT32 file system. There are 29 program icons on my desktop. Sixteen on the status bar--some of which I would like to dump but don't know if it will affect Microsoft Windows 2000 if I lose them. The Network Neighborhood won't allow itself to be deleted. There are 58 folders on the root directory of the C-drive. I have no idea of how many total files. I am sure that I don't know what at least 30% of them are or do. I have two methods to connect to the internet, 2 browsers, and too many bookmarks.  The bookmark file is broken, but you can't edit it.   (Don't try to edit the Bookmark files!!!)

It's important to remember to save frequently, defrag, scandisk, keep the virus program up-to-date, check the bios, memorize my passwords, upgrade each of the 50 programs in the Program Files directory. Note where the verification numbers are so that I can update. Each of the programs works in a slightly different fashion. I have not individualized anything but the desktop--Desert Colors. Anything could go wrong.  I have forgotten a great deal.

The Tower of Babel


C  O  M  P  L  E   X  I  T  Y