new moon over Louisiana

It's something about observation.  I only remember two times the moon disappeared. Both of them happened in Louisiana, both on the banks of the Mississippi. 

The first time I was eight years old.  I was sitting in the back seat of our family Datsun station wagon.  Dad was driving.  We were on a vacation to see the USA.  There was a quiet quarrel going on in the front seat about whether or not we should have stayed another night in New Orleans--since we weren't going to make Baton Rouge before dark.  I was thinking back-seat thoughts.

Red Stick!  What if my parents were named Louis and Anna?

Then mom saw a sign that said ALLIGATOR FARM AND VOODOO MAGICK SHOP AHEAD.  Oh, Daddy--she called him "daddy" even though there was just the me--let's stop.


eclipse: does the moon go into shadow more often these days?