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Irvine Valley College / Fall 2008

Marjorie C. Luesebrink, M.F.A., Professor

Literature 47  -- Fable and Folktale // Orientation Page

Online Literature Class // or go to Welcome Page

Fall 2011 // Ticket #62505

Fable and Folktale class is an Online Literature Class. This means that your class will not meet on campus in lecture halls or classrooms, but will instead take place entirely on your Blackboard Site, on this site, in the class Discussion List, and by e-mail.

In general, each week, you will want to 

1.  Read the Online Lecture for that Unit.

2.  Read your Assigned Text.

3.  Post at least once on the Discussion Board.  You can discuss the lecture, your reading, or your work on the Research Paper.  Also, you can just engage in discussion topics that have been started by your classmates!

4.  Work on your Topic for your Research Paper and pursue your reading for this project.

In order to find out more about each of these activities, please follow the directions below :-))

  The easiest way to take a step-by-step look at the class and your participation is to look through the specific pages that discuss requirements and features.  As you read these, be sure to note any questions you might have and e-mail me.

About Your Class

Class Syllabus

Lecture Notes

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Reading List

Recommended Reading


Resources and Web Sites

Grading Policies

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To familiarize yourself with the scope of the class and the topics we will be considering, it's a good idea to just skim through these pages - then you will have a better idea of what's ahead!

  1. Introduction and Orientation - the Magic of Once Upon a Time
  2. Please see the Mandatory Online Orientation Page

    August 22 - August 28

  3. Tales Told Around the Fire - The Oral Folk Tradition
  4. August 29 - September 4

  5. The Characteristics and History of the Oral Tale
  6. September 5 - September 11

  7. The Origins of Tales
  8. September 12 - September 18

  9. Tale Types and Story Motifs
  10. September 19 - September 25  and

    September 26 - October 2

    1. The Ancient Skies and the Origins of the World

       October 3 - October 9

    VII.   One Religion all Religions: One Face all Heroes

              October 10 - October 16

             October 17 - October 24

    VIII.  The Socio-Economic Interpretation of Folktales

              October 25 - October 30 and

              October 31 - November 6

    IX.  The Politics of Storytelling

             November 7 - November 13

    X.  The Psychology of Hope: 

             November 14 - November 20

              and November 21 - November 27 

    XI.  Urban Legends

           November 28 - December 4

    XII.  Review and Sharing of Projects

            December 5 - December 9

    Print out the Take-Home Final


Remember, please e-mail me with any questions!

Enjoy the Magic!



Further Reminders:

Your Fable and Folktale class is an Online Literature Class. One of the benefits of this class is that you can read, study, and discuss important elements of Fable and Folktale in your own time or at home.  We have more space for Discussion and more time to explore important ideas!

However, you have some key responsibilities.  You will need to take the initiative to read all the materials and keep up with the class.  An Online Class dictates that your class will not meet on campus in lecture halls or classrooms, but will instead take place entirely on your Blackboard Site, on this site, in the class Discussion List, and by e-mail.   

This site includes all class materials, a section for each lecture topic, and the link to our Blackboard Site Map.  

It is very important that you read and keep up with all of the materials that you receive by e-mail, read all the posts in the Discussion List [much important information is exchanged as a result of student questions!], and post within the time frame of each week! (before midnight on Sunday of that week)

If, for some reason, you cannot post or keep up with the class, please let me know as soon as possible.

As you may have guessed, online classes are not for everyone.  You will need to have a basic familiarity with computers and listservs; you will need to provide your own time schedules and motivation; and you will need to be eager to share your discoveries with your classmates in writing.  

Here are the essential things you will need to know:

Orientation Material

IVC no longer requires classes to have Mandatory Physical Orientation.  I have provided a "Online Orientation" page for you to get familiar with the features and requirements of the class:


Please read the recommended pages and write to me with questions.  I will either answer them individually or on the Discussion List!


Each major topic in our curriculum is accompanied by a weekly lecture.  See Lectures.   You should plan specific time each week to read the lecture and the texts associated with that topic (including the links provided).  A longer description of the Lectures along with questions to help you write your Weekly Post is in the Course Syllabus.  


Discussion List

Your class participation takes place on the Blackboard Discussion List for the class.  You will want to keep up with the list weekly, if not daily.  You should read each post, respond to the ones you can, and initiate your own discussion with topics.  The Discussion List is our classroom.  It is essential that you participate on a regular basis!  You must post a MINIMUM OF ONCE A WEEK TO PASS THE CLASS.

For assistance with what kind of responses to post, see the Course Syllabus.


Books and Reading

Your reading will consist of printed texts and web articles and stories (both on this site and on other folklore resources sites).  

The Reading List is quite extensive.  As you can imagine, this is necessary because we do not have regular classes to cover this material.  Please purchase your books and begin reading as soon as possible!

Books on the Reading List are available at the IVC Bookstore or on Amazon.com.  [To order a book on Amazon, simply enter the author, find the title, and proceed to the ordering section.]


Weekly Project Assignments

You are responsible for posting to the Discussion List at least once a week.  In these posts, you may discuss the topic of the week or you may introduce information you have found in your research.  Each lecture topic in the Course Syllabus will have suggestions of issues you might want to discuss, but they are just guidelines.  The contents of your Weekly Project Assignments may form a part of your Final Research Project.  [See Assignments.]



You will not have a mid-term in this class.  Instead, you will have a Take-Home Final.  This final will consist of an essay about the material of the lectures.  It can be e-mailed to me.  You may start on this essay at any time. [See Assignments.]


Written Evaluation

You will be evaluated on the quality of your posts to the Discussion List.  Begin by reading the posts of your colleagues and responding with thoughtful, in-depth posts of your own.  You must post each week in timely fashion to PASS the class.  The time frame for each week runs from Sunday night to Sunday night.  You should post for the week before midnight on the last Sunday.

In order to pass the class, you must write a Research Paper.  Please read the Guidelines for Requirements for the Research Paper and Assistance for Writing your Research Paper carefully! 

In order to get an A or B in the class, you will need to complete the Take-Home Final Exam.  Please read the requirements for the Take-Home Final carefully.


Because of the nature of this Online class, the grading and class attendance policies may be unfamiliar to you.  Please see Grading PoliciesPlease be sure that you are posting regularly (and responding to others' posts) so that I know you are still attending class!  

If, for any reason, you find that this Online Literature Class schedule is not working for you, please go to Admissions and Records and drop the class!  I will have no way of determining your status if I don't hear from you - so you must take the initiative to make sure you are dropped.   

I am always, available, too, in office hours or by appointment:  949.451.5328

If you have any questions, please Contact me:  at school <mluesebrink@ivc.edu> or at home <luesebr1@ix.netcom.com>.