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Caption-description:  "The Magic of Once Upon a time can be seen in layered stories from ancient Egypt to Cinderella and Nemo."

Fall 2011 - Ticket #62505


  1. Introduction and Orientation - the Magic of Once Upon a Time
  2. Please see the Mandatory Online Orientation Page

    August 22 - August 28

  3. Tales Told Around the Fire - The Oral Folk Tradition
  4. August 29 - September 4

  5. The Characteristics and History of the Oral Tale
  6. September 5 - September 11

  7. The Origins of Tales
  8. September 12 - September 18

  9. Tale Types and Story Motifs
  10. September 19 - September 25  and

    September 26 - October 2

  11. The Ancient Skies and the Origins of the World

     October 3 - October 9

  1. The Ancient Skies and the Origins of the World

     October 3 - October 9

VII.   One Religion all Religions: One Face all Heroes

          October 10 - October 16

         October 17 - October 24

VIII.  The Socio-Economic Interpretation of Folktales

          October 25 - October 30 and

          October 31 - November 6

IX.  The Politics of Storytelling

         November 7 - November 13

X.  The Psychology of Hope: 

         November 14 - November 20

          and November 21 - November 27 

XI.  Urban Legends

November 28 - December 4

XII.  Review and Sharing of Projects

        December 5 - December 9

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