M is for Nottingham?

Your Invitation

"For some time now rumors have been surfacing - whispers here and there and even outright accusations - perhaps you have heard them.  The word is that there has been a death concealed, or even a murder, within the literary corpus.  Could this be true? Is the BOOK, indeed, dead?"

So begins your invitation to participate with conference attendees and writers worldwide in the trAce Incubation 2 Mysterious Multiple-Player Drama/Game in and out of Time, on and off the Web. 

You can read and browse through the sites and characters of Nottingham, but we hope you will decide to create or choose a character, participate in the discussion, and become a part of the writing team!

Tread Softly!  Start here to experience M is for Nottingham?

This project combines collaborative Web writing, mystery game, an introduction to the history and sights of Nottingham, and a live drama to take place during the Incubation 2 Conference in July, 2002.  M is for Nottingham? allows writers to join together at a collaborative Website in May and June of 2002 to create a persona, interact with others, find clues to the mystery on the Web and in the virtual haunts of Nottingham, and write segments of the mystery story.

As the writing of the Mystery Drama proceeds, new clues will appear - some of those will be discovered by the players, some provided by the Mystery Committee!!

Then, during the actual conference, volunteers will arrive in costume and play out the denouement of the M is for Nottingham? drama (a drama structured by the growth of the sleuthing activities of the Website); players and members of the audience will be invited to participate in this evening entertainment.  

 ["Already there are reports of The White Lady roaming the halls of Newstead Abbey in the wee hours of the morning, searching for clues, looking for the corpse. . . ."]

The script of the online drama will be archived for future reference. 

The Ghost of Nottingham Castle



"the last letter of the 
Name has been written


Find out more about Nottingham on the WWW.


Read what has been written in the Book.  Write your own episode.

Find another site.

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Project Organisers: 

Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink (M.D. Coverley), Creator and Web Designer

Helen Whitehead, Nottingham Director

Roger Parish, Senior Librarian, Nottingham City Council - Research Advisor

Cathy Grindrod, Literature Development Officer, Nottingham City Council - Local Writer Liason.

M.D. Coverley 2002