Everyone can take the magic Millennial CyberCarpet in a different direction. imagine a story that goes backward and forward in time--from 2000 B.c.E. to 1000 years Into the future, 3000 C.E.



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The Magic Millennium CyberCarpet

So, the new Millennium, 2000 C.E. is about to dawn.   One of the most compelling things about our era is the possibility for sharing dreams, wishes, and ideas in a new manner with hypertext stories.

I am particularly cheered by the way that that the young and the young-at-heart can participate and find a ready audience for their own tales, new and old.

The Year 2000 C.E. and the years ahead are full of surprising possibilities.

But we don't just have to go forward, we can go back through time, too, with the Magic Carpet of hypertext imagination.

And as we journey, we can be in a world that is space and time, combined. 

If I had one wish for the new Millennium, I'd choose to spend just one day on a Magic Millennium CyberCarpet. I'd like to go from 2000 B.C.E to 3000 C.E.--  hypertxt style.

Why Not?

Join the fun.

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