Pao-Lien and the Cave Dragon, Wu

morning 2 :: April 14, 1000 BCE

Pao-Lien is sad to hear that she cannot start making pottery right away.  But she is a dutiful girl, and she listens closely as her stepmother describes the task.

"I must make a fine pair of shoes for your brother, Li, to wear to the Festival of the Moon.  I have heard that the best rabbit skins for these shoes can be found with the wise old woman who lives on Wu Mountain.  You must go there and persude her to give us some."

Pao-Lien wishes to ask why Li could not go, himself, but she does not.  Instead, she asks:  "But what about the Dragon who lives there?  I am afraid." 

"Nonsense, that is only a very old legend, I am sure that the curse has been broken by now, and the Dragon is a handsome Prince her mother says. "Besides, nothing bad will happen if you stay on the path.  Be sure to turn to the right when you get to the mountain.  Do not speak to anyone. Hurry now, if you want to learn the wheel."

So Pao-Lien sets off across the meadow to the mountain that rises beyond.


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morning 1 :: April 14, 2000 BCE

morning 2 :: April 14, 1000 BCE

highnoon 3 :: April 14, 0 CE

afternoon 4 :: April 14, 1000 CE

twilight 5 :: April 14, 2000 CE

night 6 :: April 14, 3000 CE

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