Pao-Lien and the Cave Dragon, Wu

morning 1, April 14, 2000 BCE

On the first day of the Moon of the New Leaves, Pao-Lien awakens early.  It is warm in the house she lives in with her father and her stepmother.  She can feel the spring sun through the earthen walls and see the light through chinks in the plaster ceiling.  Still, she feels like snuggling longer under her rabbit-skin blanket.  Her stepmother is tending to the fire.  Her brother is already out hunting for roots in the mountains.  Her father is at his potter's wheel.  And, yes, she remembers!  Today is the day that her father will to teach her how to make wonderful clay pots.

She quickly puts on her best dress with the kingfisher feathers at the neck.  As she comes to the fire, her stepmother says, "Do not be so quick to believe that you can spend all day at your father's side.  Before you go to pottery-making, you must do an errand for me."




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morning 1 :: April 14, 2000 BCE

morning 2 :: April 14, 1000 BCE

highnoon 3 :: April 14, 0 CE

afternoon 4 :: April 14, 1000 CE

twilight 5 :: April 14, 2000 CE

night 6 :: April 14, 3000 CE

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