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One Nuclear Disaster, Three Corium Melt-Throughs, Five Spent Fuel Pools - Twelve Months of the Year.

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 December 1, 2011

Tepco: 68 tons of nuclear fuel melted at Fukushima Reactor No. 1


 December 2, 2011


CBS Animation: Fukushima “much worse than we thought” — If fuel burned through “no one knows how far it would have spread”

December 2, 2013


Risk Expert: “High risk” of nuclear holocaust at Fukushima — Plant to keep emitting radioactive materials “for a thousand years or so”


 December 3, 2012

Kyodo: Concern about condition of Fukushima Unit 4 — Fuel rods may get dumped onto ground and burn up in quake — Tepco ‘hastening’ removal

December 3, 2013

Gov’t Doc.: Re-criticality a threat at Fukushima; Concern melted fuel to change it’s form — M.I.T. Q&A: Coolability of the molten corium is questionable




 December 5, 2011

German Radiation Expert: No way to stop nuclear fuel that’s melted-through — Can only pray it does not touch underground water vein

December 5, 2013

Study: Evidence of “uncontrollable nuclear reaction” after Fukushima reactors shutdown — “Emerged criticality” supported by data



December 6, 2011


Nuclear Expert: Tepco is admitting they are very close to China Syndrome at Fukushima, where melted fuel penetrates earth


December 6, 2012

*News Alert* Kyodo: Japan gov’t thinks they can restart nuclear reactors in a few months





 December 8, 2011

Nihon TV: Japan prof. says the explosions at Reactors No. 1 & 3 may have damaged suppression chambers — “Saturated steam that contains fission products” was apparently observed escaping

December 8, 2013

BBC: Work at Fukushima Unit 4 a “distraction”; The “real nightmare” is coming from 3 molten cores — NYTimes: Melted fuel is “all over the place… First goal is simply to stop uncontrolled releases of radioactive material”


 December 9, 2011

*UPDATE* Mainichi: Reactors No. 1 and 2 have holes up to 50 square CENTImeters, analysis says — Biggest hurdle now is filling with water — “Caused by hydrogen explosions” — Half million pounds of highly radioactive fuel inside reactors 1-3


December 10, 2011

NHK: Plant operators trying to find nuclear cores — All fuel has melted through, much of it into containment vessel… So where’s the rest?

 December 10, 2013


US Nuclear Officials: Fuel fragments were likely ejected from cladding at the 3 Fukushima reactors — Particles of fuel resemble highly radioactive ‘mystery black substance’ often seen in Japan since 3/11


December 11. 2011

NHK: Plant operators trying to find nuclear cores — All fuel has melted through, much of it into containment vessel… So where’s the rest?

NRC on Fukushima: Fuel rods violently consumed by self-sustaining reaction — Molten core then “on the move” — Radiological impact is huge


 December 11, 2012

Plant Chief: Fukushima 10 times worse than Chernobyl if containment vessel exploded




 December 13, 2013


Japan’s Leader on 3/11: Most don’t know, but Reactor 1 melted down in 5 hours; We almost lost 1/3 of nation due to Fukushima — Tepco: Reactor 3 melted earlier than reported, water went in wrong pipes — NHK: Investigation into how such massive amounts of radioactive substances were released


 December 14, 2011

NYT on Recriticality: Japan nuclear prof. says chain reaction at Fukushima can’t be ruled out — Disagrees with expert in America who says it’s unlikely

AP: Whereabouts of melted nuclear cores unknown as Japan ready to declare Fukushima in stable condition — Madarame: Reactors are broken, difficult to predict what may occur

December 14, 2013

Tepco: We should have told public this sooner… we failed to cool molten fuel after meltdowns began — Experts: Fukushima cesium release could be more than triple Chernobyl



December 15, 2011

Yomiuri: Meltdowns were advancing while being kept hidden from public for months — Gov’t “very cautious” about saying meltdown



December 16, 2011


CNN: Spent fuel rods are “very damaged” — Fires from heat at SFP No. 4 are believed to have damaged reactor building


Time: Some worry that melted Fukushima fuel may “reignite”


December 16, 2012

We now have the evidence that Fairewinds was right — “Containments can blow-up”


December 17, 2011

Mag: Curium and plutonium outside Fukushima plant indicate nuclear explosion at Reactor No. 3 — Broken spent nuclear fuel rods may have been scattered

 December 17, 2012

Tepco reveals “detonation shock wave” during massive explosion at Fukushima Unit 3

December 17, 2014


IAEA ***NOT for distribution***: Molten core is suspected to have penetrated Fukushima containment vessel — Prime Minister on 3/11: We couldn’t be in Tokyo if melted fuel went through containment vessel

Official: Fukushima fuel melted “on unprecedented scale” — French Gov’t: Parts of the coriums have been dispersed — AP: It’s location and condition are unknown


 December 18, 2011


LA Times: People just learning that gov’t may be telling fairy tale, says Japan broadcaster — Radiation levels around Fukushima were “almost beyond calculation” — Chernobyl reporters never saw anything like it


December 18, 2012

Gov’t Experts: No knowledge of what state melted fuel is in at Fukushima plant — Don’t know where it’s located — Persistent danger surrounds reactors — Collapses of facilities a threat



 December 19, 2011

NRC says Reactor No. 2 “burned continuously for several days” after meltdown — Hydrogen “ignited”




 December 21, 2012


CNN: Experts call Japan cleanup effort meaningless — An endless task that’s simply spreading around radiation

December 21, 2014:


Worries at Fukushima as radioactive materials found 80+ feet below Unit 4 —





December 23, 2011


NHK: Radiation so high at Reactor No. 3 that still no gas detector in place — “Building must be decontaminated” just to install device


December 23, 2012

Tepco finds bent, damaged spent fuel assemblies in multiple fuel pools at Japan nuclear plant — Concern about prompt moderated criticality


 December 24, 2011

Mainichi: Gov’t claim of cold shutdown conditions is “meaningless” — Like when Japan Army’s retreat in WWII was called a ‘shift in position’


 Chritmad Day


Boxing Day

December 26, 2012

Lawsuit: “Reactor itself” melted down, not only nuclear fuel rods — Japan gov’t “lying through their teeth about meltdowns”

December 26, 2013

IAEA Paper: Corium was not cooled in majority of tests using water injected from above, as done at Fukushima — Were studying how to stop molten core from melting through concrete


 December 27, 2011

Fairewinds: Fukushima dwarfs Chernobyl — Japanese face tragedy of a magnitude world has never experienced


 December 28, 2013

Engineer: 6 experts say nuclear explosion at reactor is possible — NRC: Fukushima Unit 3 explosion had 3 loud bangs, much larger than Unit 1 blast — Tokyo professor’s presentation adds question mark: “Hydrogen explosion of Reactor #3?”


 December 29, 2013

Gundersen: Nuclear fuel has been moved by groundwater at Fukushima Daiichi — It’s time to walk away from plant for next 100 years once there’s an underground sarcophagus — Much more difficult to contain than Chernobyl


 December 30, 2011

UN agency’s report of 2nd explosion at Reactor 3 must have been made after consulting with RSMC Tokyo: EX-SKF


 December 31, 2011

Gov’t projections assumed ONE becquerel per hour was leaking from Fukushima — Actual rate reached at least 10 Quadrillion times higher


May 18, 2014 Update:

Japan Times: “Radiation has spiked to all-time highs” in ocean off Fukushima plant — Jiji: “Record-high radiation levels have been observed” Tepco says — Officials: “Cause of seawater spike is unknown”



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