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February 1, 2012

Radioactive release possible at California nuke plant: “We can’t make a black and white statement that absolutely none escaped” — Workers unable to enter to check if leaking

UPDATED: Emergency shutdown at Illinois reactor — Smoke was actually steam containing radioactive material — Workers evacuated — Releases will continue throughout day

Februaary 1, 2013

Gov’t: Emergency responders are “responding to an incident” at nuclear site outside Las Vegas

AP: IAEA inspectors at Iranian nuclear facility say no explosion -

 February 1, 2014

Japan Gov’t Adviser on Fukushima: We have “much to learn from what’s happening at Chernobyl” — Engineer: All my co-workers at Chernobyl are now dead, and I had thyroid removed due to cancer


 February 2, 2012

More trouble at Calif. nuke plant: Worker falls into pool of radioactive water above reactor

Local Paper: “News could be catastrophic for San Onofre” nuke plant in Calif. — Over 800 tubes show damage — Multiple pipes may have burst — Still can’t determine size of leak

Nuclear Researcher: Mutant microorganisms thrived in melted fuel at Three Mile Island —


 Beginning of spring (setsubun):
Setsubun is not a national holiday, but celebrated at shrines and temples nationwide


 February 4, 2014

Report: Fukushima nuclear waste will merge with radiation from U.S. reactors when washing up on West Coast — “Startling amounts” released from operating plants — Diablo Canyon officials admit to recently discharging more tritium than Fukushima


February 5, 2012

Fire at nuclear facility in Moscow: Grey smoke and bitter smell reported — Reuters source says fire crews were denied access — Russia says no risk

 February 5, 2013

AP: Florida nuclear plant will permanently close — 60 years to decontaminate and dismantle

Fracking for Uranium to start in U.S. — We’re “doing the environment a favor”


February 6, 2012

Hanford, WA:

89 sieverts per hour measured in soil near Columbia River in Washington — Worst contamination just feet from groundwater

Nuclear Expert: Pipe ruptures at Calif. nuke plant could have lead to meltdown, China Syndrome, catastrophic radioactivity release

 February 6, 2013

AP: U.S. Senator wants probe after reading confidential report on sickly California nuke plant — Shows they knew about San Onofre problems beforehand


 February 7, 2012

San Onofre Whistleblower: This is extremely significant — They had an actual tube rupture — This is very, very significant




February 9, 2012

*NRC approves new US reactors* NRC Chairman says no: “I cannot support issuing this license as if Fukushima had never happened” — Had been a supporter of project

 February 9, 2013

Local TV: Nuclear plant shuts down after “own in-house system” lost power due to blizzard — NRC: Pilgrim lost off-site power — 3 feet of snow in some parts of Boston area


February 10, 2012

“This is a developing story”: NBC has learned there’s been a leak at Hanford — “Radioactive reading” near cracked container of radioactive waste

 February 10, 2013

Pilgrim nuclear plant in Massachusetts loses power, again — Second time in two days — May be weather-related — Workers still determining exactly what went wrong






 February 13, 2013

Chernobyl workers evacuated from site — Roof collapse was 50 meters from reactor’s sarcophagus — Soundness inspection underway

Expert: “We’re actually starting to see fractures occurring in this disturbed zone at the surface” around giant Louisiana sinkhole


 St. Valentine's Day

February 14, 2012

Reuters: Russian sub had atomic weapons onboard when engulfed by flames — On brink of major nuclear disaster last Dec.

February 14, 2013

Bloomberg: Nuclear revival dying in Europe — “The future of nuclear energy in Europe looks very dim indeed” says consultant — “Simply too risky”


February 15, 2012

Germany NOT restarting nuclear reactors due to cold as widely reported — In fact, now “massively exporting electricity” to help nuclear-powered France this winter -Reuters

 February 15, 2013

INES Level 1 Nuclear Event — Pump incident at Belgian plant

Years in prison for CEO charged with dumping fracking waste? Full tanker trucks of toxic fluid released directly into storm drain — Crews monitoring for radioactivity




 February 17, 2014

CNN: Alarm due to radiation spike brings ’1st-of-its-kind’ response at US nuclear site — Inspections cancelled, no one able to enter facility due to ‘high radiation’ levels — Reuters: Plans got called off over ‘safety thing’ — Gov’t: ‘Pretty sure’ we know where leak is — Local TV calls it ‘emergency’


February 18, 2012

Plutonium up to 1,579 pCi/kg detected near Denver at Rocky Flats — Contamination levels remain as high as 40 years ago, BEFORE site ‘cleaned up’

February 18, 2013

TV: New high-level radioactive leak will reach Columbia River, says scientists — Fourth largest river in U.S

 February 18, 2014

Nun sentenced to years in prison for nuclear site sabotage — Sister Rice pleads with judge to give her life behind bars, “Greatest honor you could give me”


 Februarty 19, 2014

Airborne plutonium detected outside troubled U.S. nuclear facility — Expert: ‘Radiation event’ appears to have occurred, leading to a release; “Levels are highest ever detected” around site


 February 20, 2013

Expert: Substantially more than 50,000,000 cubic feet of gas below surface near giant sinkhole? Covers over 2 square miles — Enough to do ‘very serious damage’ — New flyover footage posted

Uncontrolled gas flow continues from well in Gulf of Mexico — Trying to stop it from moving underground


 February 21, 2013

Mysterious bubbling reported by salt dome 50 miles from giant Louisiana sinkhole —

Latest photos show oil sheen covering giant Louisiana sinkhole

February 21. 2014

TV: Radioactive waste containers may be “smashed and opened” after roof collapse at leaking U.S. nuclear site — Official: We believe there’s been a breach… “It’s a very serious thing” — ‘Seismic event’ mentioned — High levels of alpha and beta radiation detected


Februaary 22, 2012

NOrth Anna Virginia Dominion Power:

North Anna: 53,300 picocuries per liter detected — Not sure where radiation is leaking — “No evidence” that increase in radioactivity related to quake says spokesman

AP: Quake-hit North Anna nuke plant leaking radioactivity

 February 22, 2013

Governor: “We received very disturbing news today” — Radioactive leak at U.S. nuclear site much larger than first reported — No ‘immediate’ health risks


February 22, 2014

Nuclear Expert: “They must be terrified” at South Florida nuke plant; “The damn thing is grinding down” — Gundersen: “Magnitude of what’s going on at St. Lucie is off the charts”; 100 times worse than average


 February 23, 2013

FOX Seattle: Nuclear waste leaks at Hanford are far worse than we thought

Paper: News blackout over mystery barrels in Lake Superior — Purplish ooze, bouncing Geiger counters reported — No ‘immediate’ health threat to public


February 24, 2013

YNET: Syria rebels present IAEA with demands over captured nuclear facility — “We’re willing to cooperate if our conditions are met” — ‘Special security parameter’ set up

 February 24, 2014

Radioactive contamination now reported in city over 20 miles from leaking U.S. nuclear site #WIPP — 10th largest population in state of New Mexico

Official: 4.4 mil disintegration of alpha radiation detected at leaking U.S. nuclear site, includes Plutonium; Highest recorded level — Santa Fe Briefing: “Serious incident involving radiation at the WIPP site” — Gov’t “reaching out to employees who are worried” about exposure


 Februarty 25, 2014

Officials: Nuclear release from container(s) indicated at #WIPP site — “We never, ever thought this kind of an event would occur” — “Absolute seriousness of this can’t be overstated” — Resident: “I feel like they’re not telling us everything”

US Official: Large amounts of radioactive particles were released during initial ‘puff’ event at leaking nuclear site — Expert: Plutonium can travel ‘a long way’ in wind — TV: “They’re saying we shouldn’t worry… yet; Yet is the key word”


 February 26, 2013

3 million children require treatment because of Chernobyl, many will die prematurely -U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan in 2000

Louisina Sinkhole:  Official: Sharp tremors being detected near giant sinkhole — Bubbles coming up from center

Brunswick Nuclear Plant, NC:  Emergency declared at U.S. nuclear plant after gas leak — “Event poses no threat to public safety”


 February 27, 2013

Governor: Nuclear waste leaking at an estimated 1,000 gallons a year — “No available technology to plug the leaks” at Hanford


February 27, 2014

New tests show plutonium reached millions of times normal levels at WIPP site — Concern air filters at plant may not have worked — Gov’t accused of lying about radiation leak

Officials: More may be affected by WIPP radiation release — TV: They don’t know how serious it is or how it affects community; Could take months to fix leak — CBS: Ceiling collapse or punctured canister suspected; Still in ‘guinea pig’ stage; EPA monitors requested in area


 February 28, 2013

Hanford, WA Site:  TV: Leaking radioactive material at U.S. nuclear site is “extremely reactive” and “always changing”

Reports: Two dead, one wounded at nuclear plant in France

February 28, 2014

Most likely a ‘worst-case scenario’ at WIPP — NPR: ‘Huge chunk’ of salt believed to have crushed drums of radioactive waste — ABC: “Investigators now admit problem is serious” — NYT: Plutonium, americium can bombard organs “for rest of person’s lifetime”

May 10, 2014 Update:

‘Kitty litter’ blamed for explosive nuclear leak at WIPP — “Incredibly important to act quickly” — ‘All these drums’ are at risk, including at other sites — Must be gathered ‘right away’ before they also burst — Summer heat will increase instability — Storage rooms must be sealed off to contain future ‘events’


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