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October 1, 2012

Tokyo hospital for sale, will dispatch its doctors to Fukushima to treat workers at Daichi and DAINI — Tokyo hospital owned by… Tepco

October 1, 2013

Thousands in Japan reported to be suffering massive and recurring nosebleeds in recent days — Gundersen: Japan doctors tell us, “We know our patients have radiation illness” but forced to keep it secret


October 2, 2011

Los Alamos Officials: Massive dump for radioactive waste “will soon be suitable for residential development”

AP: 33 underground canals of radioactive waste were beneath barrels of plutonium contamination threatened by Los Alamos fire

 October 2, 2012

Watch: Children Play at Nuclear Theme Park in Japan — Characters sing that it’s very safe, efficient and good for you — Photographer kicked out

Japan Engineer: Radiation doses at Fukushima Daiichi to increase dramatically in several years – “But no one talks about that”


October 3, 2013

TV: 70% of children tested are contaminated with radioactive cesium — All of them from outside Fukushima Prefecture

Gundersen: Deformities, stillbirths not being reported after Fukushima — Officials withholding truth about health effects — Gov’t suppressing studies on deformed animals


 October 4, 2012

Nuclear Engineer: “This is the worst possible scenario” — I think the melted fuel has already eaten through the concrete at Fukushima plant


 October 5, 2011

3rd Fukushima Nuke Worker Dead


October 6, 2012

Fukushima Worker: We are starting to have cancers — My co-worker had surgery for cancer, internal exposure suspected


October 6, 2013

International Scientists: Japan experts must be allowed to report health consequences of Fukushima — “The official data is all denial” — Pressured to downplay true impact of disaster


October 7, 2011

Anonymous Fukushima Engineer: Another explosion at nuke plant possible — “It’s endless, endless – The task will never end”

More on Dead Fukushima Nuke Worker: Internal radiation level unknown since early Sept. — “Died suddenly” — TEPCO not revealing cause


 October 7, 2012

PM Noda at Fukushima Plant: “Such an appalling, severe environment”


 October 8, 2012

Watch: Kids run marathon on street with radioactivity of 134,000 Bq/m2 — “Children of Fukushima will be killed by the gov’t… Someone please help”

The Economist: “Something strange was afoot” during Prime Minister’s visit to plant — Fukushima 50 muzzled


 October 9, 2011

Another Fukushima worker exposed to high level of radiation — Radioactive material attached to jaw, neck — Severe internal exposure likely


O)ctober 10, 2011

BBC: Former top WHO official says there’s evidence that a kind of genetic mutation is being passed on after Chernobyl meltdown

 October 10, 2012

Fukushima Tapes: “This is a suicide corps… We can’t vent Unit 2… this is like the end” — Released recording ends soon after

Mystery Continues: ‘Difficult to determine’ location of melted fuel during Unit 1 investigation, says Tepco — Radiation dose highest at top of containment vessel


October 11, 2011

Japan Radiologist: Radiation can cause mutations like “fingers growing out of a shoulder”, other deformities in future humans

Report: Worker dies while decontaminating in Fukushima

October 11, 2013

Fukushima Doctor: Cancer found in over 40 children… We believe it’s related to the nuclear disaster — Physician: Leukemia cases to increase in next few months?




October 12, 2012

Japan Official: We said Unit 4 must be flooded with concrete to reinforce building — “Plug every available space on the lower floors” — Gov’t gave up on plan


 October 13, 2012

Fukushima Boss after 3/11: “It’s awful, awful… No. 3 reactor just blew, probably a steam explosion” — Steam explosion, not hydrogen? Reactor blew up, not reactor building?

Nuclear industry publishes coffee table book featuring images of butterflies at nuke plants


October 14, 2012

Fukushima 3/11 Tapes: It’s time to make a “geezers’ suicide squad” — “We’ve exhausted our options” when discussing evacuation


October 14, 2013

“It’s Madness”: Doctors in Japan helping perpetuate Fukushima cover-up — Patients not being told their illnesses are from exposure to radioactive contamination — Scientific reports showing radiation health damage to humans are forbidden to be published



October 15, 2013

Gundersen: Concern an even larger calamity is coming at Fukushima — Guardian: Workers passing out within minutes of arriving at plant; Alcohol abuse a problem, men working with ‘the shakes’; Insiders say they’re suffering health problems


October 16, 2012

Japan Reporter at Fukushima Plant: Reactor building’s steel frame is “severely crushed” — Getting to see structure in person made a great impact


 October 17, 2012

Up to 1,000,000 sieverts per hour outside Fukushima Unit 1 containment vessel — Still too hot to attempt measuring other areas




 October 19, 2012

Japan Engineer: Fukushima contaminated water to go in giant pit — “It can easily be discharged underground”






 October 22, 2012

Japan Engineer: Tepco won’t spend money needed at Fukushima Daiichi — Asahi: Tepco still giving large ‘donations’ to areas with nuclear facilities


October 13, 2012

Japan Nuclear Expert: Humans must ‘decommission’ Fukushima reactors — Robots can’t do anything basically

Japan Newspaper: Radiation levels rising every month since decontamination in Fukushima district — Gov’t won’t help or even respond — “Are they forcing us to tolerate high radiation?”


October 23, 2013

Fukushima Workers Speak Out: We hide accidents at plant — CNN: Health is suffering — CBS: Radioactive materials “just pour right in” after cleanup


 October 24, 2012

Watch: Tepco using “promotional balloon” to inspect Fukushima reactor building? Shaped like lightbulb with brass screw-in base — “Creative use of an advertising tool” finds high radiation levels


October 25, 2011

Disguised Fukushima Engineer: “If people think nuclear power is safe, I’d like them to work with me for a day” — BBC: “Opinion is shifting even inside the plant itself”

Doctor finds Uranium and Zirconium in Tokyo resident’s fingernails — “We are becoming nuclear fuel rods”


October 25, 2013

Reuters Special: Workers are tricked into being on front lines at Fukushima plant — “You can’t escape” — “They kept me in a shed” — “There’s nowhere else to go… Everyone is stuck” — “You’re brainwashed” — “After a few days, they’re thrown away


 October 26, 2011

CNN: ‘Why tourism in Fukushima makes more sense then ever’ — Reporter given all-expenses-paid trip to Japan — “Life in much of Fukushima goes on as normal now”

Top US nuclear official bursts into laughter after question on deaths of irradiated Fukushima workers


October 27, 2011

Fukushima worker has heart attack while working at Reactor No. 1 — Only 31 years old

 October 27, 2012

Report: 100,000 Tepco employees being sent to Fukushima in 2013


October 28, 2012

NHK Documentary: Our civilization is met with disaster because of Fukushima crisis — It’s a “civilization disaster” -Umehara


 October 28, 2013

‘Nuclear Slaves’ at Fukushima: Workers have debts paid off, forced to stay as ‘indentured servants’ — Foreign workers may soon be needed at plant, official reveals


October 29, 2011

Fukushima worker gets sick, vomits — Forced to remove protective face mask — Tested with whole body counter — TEPCO says mask was tied too tightly


October 29, 2013

Fukushima Worker: I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2012, now stomach and intestinal cancers found recently — Each developed independently, not from one spreading — Worked at plant for just 4 months in 2011



October 29, 2013

Fukushima Worker: I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2012, now stomach and intestinal cancers found recently — Each developed independently, not from one spreading — Worked at plant for just 4 months in 2011






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