Cole Michael Luesebrink // Parents:  Molly Kirrene Luesebrink, Marc Luesebrink

born November 12, 2005.  7 lbs. 13 oz. // 22 inches long.

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*[[ To Step back a little - these pics are of Cole from 12 - 16 Months! ]]*

(See pics 17 - 18 Months)

Big Nature!



Winter Walk



Cole and Dad 



With Mom at the old Homestead


The Pair


Cole and AJ at Grandpa Dick and Grandma Chris' house



It's not easy being a Zebra!



Peek a Boo!



Cole with his pals, Josh and Dylan



Have you tried these?



You call it a Swing?



A Walk in the Park, as they say!



Cole and Cousin AJ at the Bay

A Walk with Chaucer


We all miss Chaucer - 1995 - 2007

*[[ The next page of pics are of Cole from 17 - 18 Months! ]]*

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