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is a multimedia, interactive, hypertext fiction for CD-ROM.  Califia allows the reader to wander and play in the landscape of historic/magic California.  It is a computer-only creation of interactive stories, photos, graphics, maps, music, and movement.

Califia features the work of excellent California musicians.  The flamenco music is written and performed by Michael Olsen.  The classical lute and mandolin music is performed by John Schneiderman.  Clips from The Grateful Dead were made available by the Grateful Dead organization with the valuable assistance of Alan Trist.

In CD-ROM form, Califia is over 300 megabytes, and, so, is too large to reproduce here.  It is available from Eastgate Systems or

Moments of Califia, however, may delight you.

Even now, Augusta, Kaye, and Calvin are out in the Mojave Desert, looking.


The location of the Gold may be encoded in the star patterns of the Bear Constellation -- the Big Dipper.