Califia is narrated by three contemporary California types:


Augusta, the day-trader,

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lives in Whitley Heights in Hollywood, California.  She is looking for the stash of coins she believes her father buried on the hill behind the house.  She takes care of her mother, Violet, who lives at  Paradise Home.


Calvin, the would-be director,

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lives next door.  He is between movie projects and hopes to find out more about the mysterious death of Jack Summerland.


Kaye, the mystic visionary,

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floats in one day in her midnight-blue cape, decorated with moons and stars, and tells the legends and family myths that set our characters on a journey of discovery.


The Califia Narrators

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The reader can choose to read the chronological narrative with Augusta, find out about docudramas, peruse the album of family pictures, and obtain navigation clues with Calvin, or read the messages of the stars, hear myths and the whispering of the spirits from Kaye.

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