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The Journey South is just a few blocks, down Fairfax Avenue in Hollywood, to Paradise Home, where Violet Summerland forgets among the palms.


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The golden West brings a choice of endings and a suggestion of beginnings. Augusta, Kaye, andCalvin find the Blue Blanket, and with it, the message from Willing Stars.

Califia consists of four journeys that the reader can choose among:

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South: The Comets in the Yard

East:  Wind, Sand, and Stars

North:  Night of the Bear

West: The Journey Out


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In the North is San Simeon, but along the way our characters get visits from the spirit presences, an unexpected plane ride, and another look at the Sumerland-Beveridge Mission Trail.

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East takes the characters into the desert--land of Windmills and Goldmines--to meet the Man from Windpower.  The Dipper Mines begin to appear in the sky and on the ground.

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