The Work -- Califia is a hypermedia, interactive novel for the computer on CD-ROM.  An epic of Southern California historical fiction, it allows the reader to explore the lives of three families on a perennial search for the lost paradise.

Author -- M.D. Coverley is the pen name for Marjorie C. Luesebrink.

Scope of Califia -- While Califia traces five generations of Californians from 1849 to the present, its layered histories contain legends of early sea and land explorers, Chumash Indian tribes, lost gold mines, and the Dream of Islands that makes all Californians seekers.

Califia is narrated by three contemporary characters: Augusta, who sees the world from a car window and is interested in the here-and-now; Calvin, a set designer and dancer who perceives the mid-distance, rhythms and strategies, organizes the material; and Kaye, the visionary mystic, who understands the movements of the Dipper and knows the secret stories of the spirits.  As each of these characters sees the world in a different way, the reader can choose to follow one narrative path, or move among the accounts.

Readers can journey South, East, North, and West across the Southern California landscape to eight key locations where the three families sought their elusive fortune - found adventure and dust-ups, over 150 years.

Technical Information -- Califia was written in Toolbook software.  Platform requirements: Windows 95, 98, 2000, or later [Mac/Windows emulator], Pentium-speed processor, and sound card.  It has 800 screens and over 2400 images.  Graphics were prepared using Photoshop and Micrografix Picture Publisher. Music was edited with Cakewalk.


Califia is a world to explore:

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Three Narrating Characters, Four Directions of the Compass, Star Charts, Map Case, Archives Files, 500 Megabytes, 800 Screens, 2400 Images, 30 Songs, 500 Words.

The Dream of Islands and the Stars of Forever:

Title -- The name, Califia, is taken from accounts of early Spanish explorers who hoped to find the Terrestrial Paradise in the New World. They believed California was an island, inhabited by beautiful Amazon women with arms of gold. In "Las Sergas de Esplandian," Montalvo's popular romance of 1521, the queen of the Island of California is named "Calafria."

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