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Fingerprints on Digital Glass

by M.D. Coverley

Afterimage:  in The Salt River Review, Volume 4, No. 3  - Fall 2001. 

And then you put on your hat and go out for
afternoon cocktails.
  What remains.


Tide-Land:  in Beehive, Volume 3, Issue 4 - December 2000. 

Tide-Land is a contemplation
of the relationships between tides, the intertextuality in the wetlands of our experience, and the flow of memory between islets and inlands,
world and worlds.


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Universal Resource Locator: in The Iowa Review Web, October 2000.

"We hear often of the sweeping developments that take place across
the world. Wars, economic booms and busts, the rapacious scramble for resources.
We rarely see the ways in which these changes impact mere
individuals . . . ."


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Endless Suburbs: in The Iowa Review Web, October 1999.

"You wanted one, so we made a lot . . . ."   A tale of the copy machine that went awry and produced Southern California.

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Fibonacci's Daughter:  in NewRiver, Issue #7, 1999.  Alternate on home pages

"Life Spirals In." Liber Abaci meets Liberace.  At a numbers shop in Huntington Beach, people gamble with real life odds.

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Eclipse Louisiana:  in Cauldron & Net,  Volume 2 : Spring 2000.

The phases of the moon, an Alligator farm, and binary magick in the deep South.  About movement and shadow.  "I only saw the moon disappear twice."

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Life in the Chocolate Mountains:  in Salt Hill Magazine, #7, Syracuse University, Spring 1999.  

"To the stranger, nothing has happened in the desert and nothing ever will. To the native, a pageant of fragments make a life."


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Default Lives in Cauldron & Net, Volume 3 : Spring 2001.

The Pachinko Game of Life.

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Fingerprints on Digital Glass will be available on CD-ROM in 2006.

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