Because this electronic universe is large, most of us have sped through at dizzying speeds (we hope), happy to be delivered to some anticipated destination. We pick up the lore from other travelers - but many of us are grateful when we don't have to muddy our clothes in the swamps or find our way in the brambles. 

As writers, educators, librarians, critics, and publishers, though, we do find ourselves on the ground, in the real terrain of the electronic world, often enough. We need to know the lay of the land - but our "guides" are often insufficient.

In the areas of writing, publishing, accessing, and archiving electronic literature there are no experts, yet. We have a bit of lore about e-books, e-publishing, e-writing, and digital libraries, but an otherwise unknown frontier lies in front of us all. 


Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink // The Lore and Lay of E-land // Kessesaw State University, March, 2002