Marjorie C. Luesebrink        



Fiction--as M.D. Coverley

CD-ROM Novels:

Califia, CD-ROM-format, hypermedia, interactive novel. Eastgate Systems, Boston, MA, June 2000.

The Book of Going Forth by Day, electronic hypermedia (2006).

Fingerprints on Digital Glass, online.

Hyperfictions on the Web:

"Afterimage." The Salt River Review 4.3 (2001). <>

"Algo." PoemsThatGo, Summer 2001. <>

"Bush Towel." Boston Cyberarts Lite Show Festival Finalist, April 2001. Published in Bunk Magazine 3.4 (2001). <>

"Tide-Land." BeeHive 3.4 (2000). <>.

"Tumblers." Riding the Meridian, 2.2 (2000). <>.

"Errand Upon Which We Came." With Stephanie Strickland. Cauldron and Net 3.1 (2001). <>.

"Default Lives." Cauldron and Net 3.1 (2001). <>.

"Universal Resource Locator." Iowa Review Web, October 2000. <

"Eclipse Louisiana." Cauldron and Net, 2.1 (2000). <>.

"Negative Confessions." In collaboration with Ted Warnell, Room Without Walls, 2000. <>.

"Endless Suburbs." Iowa Review Web, October 1999. <http://www/>.

"Fibonacci's Daughter." New River Literary Magazine 7, February 2000. Originally created as an on-line writing project with trAce, Nottingham Trent University, U.K. <>.

"Life in the Chocolate Mountains." Salt Hill 7, Syracuse University, Spring 1999. <>.

"Pao-Lien and the Cave Dragon, Wu." TrAce "Millennium" project. Nottingham Trent University, U.K., 1999. <>.

"To Be Here As Stone Is." Poetry from True North, in collaboration with Stephanie Strickland. Riding the Meridian 2.1, (1999). <>.

"Rain Frames." Aileron, February 2000. <>. "Egyptian E-Mail." Enterzone Magazine 14 (1998). <>.

"The Little Lacemaker, Elys." From The Book of Days of Madame de Lafayette, Christy Sheffield Sanford, project director, collaborative web project, 1997-99. <>.

"The Probability of Earthquake." Blast 5. Produced by the Art X Foundation, New York, NY. 1997-98. <>.

"The $500 Rolls Royce." Orange Coast, October 1995. Formerly on-line: <>. Now on-line: <>.

"The Virtual Mausoleum." Orange Coast, September, 1995. Formerly on line: <>. Now on-line: <>.

"The NeverEnding Fairy Tale." Orange Coast, June 1995. Formerly on-line: <>. Now on-line: <>.

"Love and the Dragonfly," (novel excerpt) The Register, July 1992. <>.


Curated Collections:

"Intersections:  Explore." The Blue Moon Review. November 2001. Ten women working in Web literature.

"Jumpin' at the Diner" (with Jennifer Ley). Riding the Meridian 2.2 (2000). Forty men in hypermedia Web literature.

"The Progressive Dinner Party" (with Carolyn Guertin). Riding the Meridian, 2.1 (2000). 39 women in hypermedia literature on the WWW. <>.


Electronic Readings:

Literature in Transition, NEH Workshop, UCLA, CA (2001).

Boston Cyberarts Festival, Boston, MA (2001). "The Boston T1 Party: Califia."

Digital Arts and Culture, Brown University, RI (2001). "The Book of Going Forth by Day."

Digital Arts and Culture, Brown University, RI (2001). "A Night at the Cybertexts: Default Lives."

Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA (2001).

Writers at Work, Irvine Valley College, Irvine, CA (2000).

Society for Literature and Science. Atlanta, GA (2000).

Hypertext 00 (SIGLINK, ACM). San Antonio, TX (2000).

Electronic Literature Association. Seattle, WA (2000).

Digital Center for the Arts, Evening New Media Series, UCLA. Los Angleles, CA (2000).

The Transcriptions Project. UCSB, CA (2000).

2000 Cultural Studies Symposium. Manhattan, KS (2000).

SW/Texas Popular Culture Association. Albuquerque, NM (2000).

University of New Mexcio. Socorro, NM (2000).

The U.C. Irvine Writer's Conference. Irvine, CA (1999).

The Cybermountain Colloquium. Denver, CO (1999).

Platforms for 21st Century Literature. Brown University, Providence, RI (1999).

The Modern Language Association [MLA]. San Francisco, CA (1998).

The U.C. Irvine Writer's Conference. Irvine, CA (1998).

The Squaw Valley Writer's Conference. Squaw Valley, CA (1998).

Redlands University. Redlands, CA (1998).

Women Connect Seminar. Newport Beach, CA (1998).

NEH Seminar in New Technologies in Literature. UCLA, Los Angeles, CA (1998).

Orange Coast College. Costa Mesa, CA (1998).

Irvine Valley College. Irvine, CA (1996, 1997).

The Newport Beach Library's Manuscript Series. Newport Beach, CA (1998).

Hypertext 98 (SIGLINK, ACM). Pittsburgh, PA (1998).


Academic Publications--as Marjorie C. Luesebrink

Print Publications:

"The Moment in Hypertext: A Brief Lexicon of Time." Proceedings of the Ninth ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia, 1998. (SIGLINK)

"Code Egyptian Blue: Crossover Platforms in Hypertext Fiction." Proceedings of the CyberMountain Colloquium--Denver Colorado. Larsen, D. and Nürnberg, P. J. (eds.) 1999. Technical Report AUE-CS-99-05, Aalborg University Esbjerg. On line: <>

"Walk Four Ways." Co-authored with Carolyn Guyer, Peg Syverson, Michael Joyce. Pre Text, University of Texas, Austin. 1997.

"Upward, Beyond the Constant Flow, There was Moondling: Writers, Rhetoric, and Technology in Hypertext Fiction." The Elephant Ear, Spring, 1996.

"The Grateful Dead Legendstock." Perspectives on the Grateful Dead. Robert Weiner, ed. Greenwood Press. Fall, 1999.

Online Publications:

"The Mirror of Simple Annihiliated Souls." Currents in Electronic Literacy, University of Texas. November, 2001.

"The White Wall: Remaking the Mirror." Currents in Electronic Literacy, University of Texas. November, 2001.

"The Personalization of Complexity." FrAme 5 (2001). Nottingham Trent University, U.K. <>

"Interview with Reiner Strasser." Arte on Line, Brazil, and frAme, a publication of trAce Online, University of Nottingham, UK, 2001.

Academic Papers and Presentations:

Associated Writing Programs, Palm Springs, CA, 2001. "Evolution and Revolution in Hypertextural Media: The Future of Hypertext on the Internet."

Society for Literature and Science, Atlanta, GA, 2000. "The Progressive Dinner Party and Diner--The Year of Living Dangerously."

Digital Arts and Culture, Bergen, Norway, 2000. "Play on: Pause and Plot Points in Hypermedia Narrative."

Computers and Writing, Fort Worth, TX, 2000. "One Thousand Stories."

Cultural Studies Symposium, Kansas State University, Manhattan, 2000. "Othermindedness: Hypertext on the Fringe"

SW/Texas Popular Culture Association, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2000. "The Singing Novel: Grateful Dead Music as Text in Califia."

Digital Arts and Culture, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, 1999. "The trAce Experience: Fibonacci's Daughter."

Society for Literature and Science, University of Oklahoma, Norman, 1999."Hypertext as Archaeology: Interaction, Time Strata, and Versions of History."

CyberMountain Colloquium--Denver Colorado, 1999: "Code Egyptian Blue: Crossover Platforms in Hypertext Fiction."

Technology Platforms in 21st Century Literature--Brown University, Providence, RI, 1999: "The End of Books Revisited." On-line at: <>.

MLA, San Francisco, California, 1998: "The Same River Twice: Time Representation in Hypertext Literature."

Society for Literature and Science, University of Florida, Gainesville, 1998: "The Triangle of Perspective: Distributed Memory in Multimedia Narratives."

Hypertext 98, SIGWEB, ACM, Pittsburgh, PA, 1998: "The Moment in Hypertext: A Brief Lexicon of Time."

UC Irvine Extension Fifth Annual Creative Writing Conference, Irvine, California, 1998: "A Survey of Literature on the Web", "Voices on the Internet", "Marketing and Publishing on the Internet."

PAMLA (Pacific Asian Modern Language Association), U.C. Irvine, Irvine, California, 1997, "Califia Landscape: Navigational Structures in Hypertext Narratives."

Society for Literature and Science, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA, 1997: "Movement as Rhetoric: The Choreography of Hypertext and Other Literary Multimedia."

Society for Literature and Science, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia, 1996: "Investigating Hypertext Technology: Poetry and Fiction by the Lexia."

Society for Literature and Science, UCLA, Los Angeles, California, 1995: "Structures of Hypertext Navigation."


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