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Irvine Valley College / Fall 2012

Marjorie C. Luesebrink, M.F.A., Professor

about your class

Literature 45 -- Women in Literature

Ticket Number:  #90065

Your Women in Literature class will be conducted entirely on-line.  There is a Mandatory Introduction Section that you should read first!  

Class officially begins on  

Monday, August 20

so you should read and understand the requirments of the class by that date.  Be sure to e-mail me with questions!  <mluesebrink@ivc.edu>


You can do all of your Literature 45 work from home during times that fit your schedule.  You can buy your books at the IVC Bookstore or purchase them on-line from Amazon.com.  You will be able to get all necessary information from this official class Website:  read the lectures and visit the supplementary websites, have discussions on Blackboard with your instructor and the class members, and be able to e-mail me with questions throughout the session.  You will submit your work (including the Final Research Project and the Take-Home Final) via e-mail. All necessary class materials will be posted at this website <http://califia.us/women> and all materials and Discussion will be on your MySite - Blackboard Discussion List.  Please bookmark this site now! 

I am very pleased to be using the internet as a learning environment - and I feel that our exploration of women writers can be a rich experience in this venue. Writing, too, was once a daring technology!


Here are the essential things you will need to know:


All the lectures for the course are already posted.  You should take an hour or so to survey them to see the scope of the course and get a feel for how long it takes you to read and study a lecture.  Each of these lectures is lengthy - enough material to represent what might be covered in a three-hour lecture.  Also, when you begin to choose an author for your Research Paper, it is helpful to have an idea of the areas we are studying! 

Whenever you encounter an idea or issue that interests you, or about which you would like to know more, please make note of it for class discussion.  

[See: notes for Lecture 1.]

Books and Reading

Your reading will consist of printed texts and web articles and stories (both on this site and on other resources sites).  The Reading List is posted at the Website and here:

Book List: You can purchase these texts in the IVC bookstore or at


Assigned Texts:

Austen, Jane: Mansfield Park

Behn, Aphra:  Oronooko

Bronte, Emily:  Wuthering Heights

Didion, Joan:  The Last Thing He Wanted

Morrison, Toni:  Sula

Shelley, Mary:  Frankenstein

Woolf, Virginia:  A Room of One's Own


Books on the reading list are available at IVC Bookstore or on Amazon.com.  To order a book on Amazon, simply enter the author, find the title, and proceed to the ordering section.

Weekly Project Assignments

In the class schedule for some of the weeks, you will see writing assignments.   Some of your material for these exercises may be used as part of your Final Research Project.  You should complete the writing assignment for each week in a timely manner and post if on the Discussion List or in an emergency, e-mail it to me for posting. Remember that you must post every week on time to pass the class!  Also, you need to read all the posts from the students for the week.  The Discussion list is our class session.  I will often convey important information to students in answer to their posts.

[See Assignments.]

Research Paper:

Your writing for the class will also include a fully-documented 8-10 page Research Paper on a woman author of your choice.  

Discussion List

Your class is enhanced by an open discussion forum on Blackboard.  You can ask questions, talk about the reading with your classmates, or share exciting texts and sites by and about women that you have discovered.  To participate in the discussion list, go to your "MySite - Blackboard Classes" and click on the menu item for the Discussion Group.  You must post in a timely (on time) manner at least once a week, every week, to pass the class. 

Also, you need to read all the posts from the students for the week.  The Discussion list is our class session.  I will often convey important information to students in answer to their posts.


You will not have a mid-term in this class.  Instead, you will have a Take-home Final.  You may start on this essay at any time.  [See Assignments.]


Because of the nature of this class, the grading and class attendance policies may be unfamiliar to you.  Essentially, your attendance will be noted by me as you post each week on the Discussion List.  Please see Grading PoliciesYour participation each week on the Discussion List is your record of attendance!

Computer Support

This class is designed for students who already have a basic familiarity with the WWW, discussion groups, and computer usage.  If you are having trouble accessing any part of the materials, please let me know and I will  try to provide assistance.  However, I cannot troubleshoot each home computer, so it is your responsibility to assure access to the activities of the class.  If, for some reason, you cannot find access to a computer to post weekly, please let me know at the earliest opportunity!!

**[This is not a course in getting acquainted with your computer or getting familiar with the Internet - these are skills you need to already have mastered - as much as we ever can :-))]

If you have any questions, please Contact me.