Irvine Valley College

Online Creative Writing Workshop

Writing 10 - Introduction to Creative Writing

Spring 2012 - Ticket # 64580

Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink, MFA, Instructor


Overview:  Your grade in this class will be determined by your writing and your class participation.  For your own enrichment, you might want to consider that active writing and  participation are important to your learning and writing progress in the class! 

1.  Weekly Writing Exercises

2.  Finished Writing (Formal Workshop Piece) submitted for Critique

3.  Discussion Participation


1.  Weekly Writing Exercises:  You should complete and post each Weekly Writing Assignment on the Discussion List in timely fashion.  The weekly writing exercise is a requirement for passing the class.  You must post each week and do each Weekly Writing Exercise to pass the class!   It is recommended that you try to respond to the prompt as directly as possible - these Weekly Writing Assignments are shaped so that you can try out new techniques and exercise a different kind of control over your writing! 

2.  Finished Writing:  You may already have work that you would like feedback on, or you may write something during the weeks of class.  I will post these on the Workshop List for all members of the Workshop to read and critique. You must submit at least one finished work for critique for the class.  This finished Formal Workshop piece is a requirement for passing the class.

[These would be pieces that are not specifically to the Weekly Assignments, although a Weekly Assignment might grow into a finished piece.  You must submit at least one Workshop piece.]

3.  Discussion Participation:  The class discussions will be ongoing - with new material posted each day.  However, you must contribute to the Discussion at least once during every calendar week by commenting on another student's work.  Regular posting with weekly feedback on others' writing is a requirement for passing the class.

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Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink, MFA, your Instructor, is a Professor of English in the School of Humanities and Languages, Irvine Valley College, Irvine, California.

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