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Writing 10 - Introduction to Creative Writing

Spring 2012 - Ticket # 64580

Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink, Instructor


Week 4:  And have a Room of Their Own -

And have a Room of Their Own

Place and space are important to a reader's understanding of your text.  Even "noplace" can be signaled to your audience. 

1.  Online Lecture for Week 4

2.  Assigned Reading:  Katherine Mansfield's  "At the Bay."

Your assigned reading for this week is a short story by Katherine Mansfield called "At the Bay."  This is a very conventionally-shaped short story, and that is good for us, for we can see the way that the landscape already begins to define the potentiality of the story.  In doing our scene-setting, both in poetry and fiction, we want to remember that the landscape needs to do several things (see lecture).  Be on the alert for the way that this landscape defines the "possible universe."  

3.  Weekly Writing Exercise

This week your writing exercise is to set up a landscape.  I have written a sample for you in Exercises4.  I would suggest that you take one of your exercises for Week 2 or 3 and practice by writing the establishing landscape that this character might inhabit.  You will probably need to think more about the situation and the character to make sure that you have a reason for every detail that you include!!

4. By now we should be ready to fill in the blanks on the Workshop Schedule.


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Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink, your Instructor, is a Professor of English in the School of Humanities and Languages

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