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Writing 10 - Introduction to Creative Writing

Spring 2012 - Ticket # 64580

Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink, Instructor


Week 7:  Point of View I.  

Point of View - Part I.

Everything is Point of View 

1.  Online Lecture for Week 7

2.  Assigned Reading: From the Hudson Book of Fiction (OnLine) -

                 Stephen Crane - The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky

                  Franz Kafka - The Metamorphosis  

here are two assignments for the weekly reading here so that you can contrast two different examples of Third Person Omniscient POV.  In the first piece, Stephen Crane - The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky, you will be studying a POV that is told entirely in Third Person Omniscient.  The "view" of the narrative voice is one of bemusement and some distance, as the point of the story is not the inside of these characters, but the changing frontier.  In Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis, on the other hand, we are in a Third Person pronoun story because the narrator can hardly pretend to BE Gregor as an insect.  But very soon, we "move" into the consciousness of Gregor Samsa anyway (as Kafka would wish us to do) - and then it seem as though we are in a First Person narrative even though we are not!  Interesting, what can happen with POV! 

3.  Weekly Writing Exercise  -- Class Exercises #7

We are moving into our units on Point of View.  Your first Point of View Assignment is to write a short piece in which you begin with a Third-Person Omniscient point of view and then move closer to the character and then move inside the character.  You can get an idea of how to do this from the model exercise I have written for you in Exercises7.  The story is not very important here - the distance of the POV from the character, the issue of whether we are way outside or inside is what you will want to be thinking about - what you will want to have as your focus!   

4.  We will be working on critique for the Workshop.



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Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink, your Instructor, is a Professor of English in the School of Humanities and Languages

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