Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink: A Virtual, Vertical Bio

1880 - 1998 - The Old Days

1999 - 2001 - The Wedding Days

2002 - 2006 - The Grandchildren


The Old Days

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1910: Grandma Coverley, Ro, Nell, and Erskine (on horse), Groom--Tejon Ranch.

The 1880 census for Los Angeles, California, lists the household of George Coverley. It consisted of George, his wife, Pretinella Walker Coverley, their two children, Mary and John. Also in the household are Harvey Walker, (Pretinella's father) and Matilda Coverley (John's mother).

Within three years, George and Matilda would be dead, Pretinella would be married for a second time, and Harvey Walker would be in the mountains with young John, prospecting for gold.

In time John grew up, married my grandmother, Flossie, and they had five children:  the kids on the horse, and Harvey and my father, Jack.


1949:  Jack Coverley, Margie, Alice Coverley at Big Bear

Jack married Alice Wilcox in 1942.  Such a long time ago!  Here we are about to visit Aunt Rosalind in the California mountains.  With my doll, Anabell-Lee

Ro's House at Big Bear
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1998: From left to right, Marc Luesebrink, Molly Kirrene, Nong Tamsombat, Margie Luesebrink, Eric Luesebrink

So, five generations later, Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink lives in Newport Beach, California and teaches writing at Irvine Valley College, writes freelance articles, romances cyberspace, and creates hypertext fiction under the name of M.D. Coverley.

The new generation sports two grown sons, Eric (and his wonderful wife, Nong)and Marc (and his charming Molly)--all Californians, now.  Sailing into the millenium.

And where is the gold? We keep searching.

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