Each of the Narrators, Augusta, Kaye, and Calvin have their own paths through the various Journeys.  In The Journey South, Comets in the Yard, Calvin introduces himself, shows us around his Back Yard, and tells his Backstory.

  Back Yard

End Calvin




CONGRATULATIONS!    You have landed on Calvin's Home Page/Message.  This is the virtual hub of activity for the assembling of the Califia material.  Since it may be some time before I have another real job in the real world, I am arranging and linking the contributions of Augusta  and Kaye  so that you can easily slide and tap through the things we make sense of as we search for CALIFIA .

 Augusta is providing typed manuscripts, photos, and files.  These, I either enter as-is, or Kaye "lays hands" on them and interprets them—in which case they become Docudramas— a way to present the events that we have spotty information about.  

Kaye is writing out the legends , working on the star relationships , and donating her collection of memorabilia and geological data .  Her favorite way to work, though, is:  she talks, I keyboard.  She is a volcano of information—some rock, some mud, lots of fire.

I take my voluntary duties as provider of maps and archives, navigation, transition, flow, and access seriously.  I intend for you to be able to do a twinkle-toes across the boards or settle down for a slow waltz to China.  Because of the amount of material, and how long it takes to decipher, I have decided to allow four parts for the continuing story.  However, already Augusta is grumbling about dragging my feet, silly widgets, and too much decoration.  So shoot me.

In my real life I wanted to dance like Fred Astaire or work on the remake of "Now, Voyager."   After two stints on the sets for dance movies, I got a job on the "Jezebel" remake set.  But the business has been slow, and recently I have been spending most of my time finding original 1930's aluminum chairs for 'diner' scenes in vintage movies.  Little things mean a lot.  Not a dancer, or even a designer, occasionally an assistant director:  I am mostly a furniture mover.  A far cry from the tango of my dreams. 

  Wait a minute, wait a minute, you ain't heard nothing yet. Wait a minute, I've said, you ain't heard nothing yet. Wanna hear "Toot, Toot, Tootsie"?

I am honored, thrilled to become the Treasure Hunt Tour Guide for Califia, purveyor of Kit Bag Goodies, maker of Docudramas par excellence.  This is a seductive task, in many ways.  All further messages will emanate from my Back Yard , where the view is superb.



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