*Califia* was published by Eastgate Systems in 2000. It is an extensive, born digital story of three California families over several generations. Three narrators explore a layered landscape of adventure and heartbreak and reveal new secrets as their paths cross. Because of the speed of technological change, *Califia* can no longer be played on most Windows computers.  This version, *Califia Reimagined,* uses material from selected episodes of *Califia,* re-creating and re-imagining the original work for contemporary reading devices.

The original *Califia* was multi-layered, multi-dimensional, and multi-directional - a sort of narrative database.  Readers were encouraged to enter the story in the direction or the character of choice.  Because the structure cannot be re-created, only re-imagined, you are free to explore any one of the fragments in this impressionistic version.  The narrative will not be chronological or complete - but you might enjoy a sense of adventure and immersion as you find your own way.
The animations for each screen have not been preserved, but some of the music, an integral part of the whole, is available at the bottom of each page - please do listen!

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