The Personalization of Complexity I.A.1.a.

The Booby Trap

The Booby Trap

The InfiniteRegress

Lexia to Perplexia

The Book Drop

The Tower of Babel

Butterfield 8 Revisted

The transformation from the information age to the posthuman age affects almost every area of our lives. By "our lives," I do not just mean the "our" that represents bleeding-edge, dedicated electronic junkies, but "lives" across the globe.   The flower-seller in Hong Kong who is talking to her sister in the silk shop on the cell phone this minute, the teenager in Japan who is playing an Anime game on his mini-web-palm, the guerilla rebel in Liberia who is ordering new ammo on his laptop. But I am not going to delve into all of this (forgive me!)--enough to talk about the junkies:  chathats, writers, artists, and critics in electronic communities.

"the ways that seem to us to be natural and inevitable or simply the consequence of the interaction of human nature with the demands of a given task, are in fact historically contingent." Edwin Hutchins *

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The Infinite Regress


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