The Booby Trap Example:  

I once house-sat for a friend. She had already departed on her vacation by the time I arrived, but she left me a list of things to watch out for.

A sort of ten commandments.

1. The upstairs toilet doesn't flush right, you have to jiggle the handle.  2. The washing machine won't work on any setting but cool.  3. Be sure to take your shower before you run the dishwasher.  4. The back door doesn't always lock properly, check it.  5. We have ants something awful, wash out your soda cans!  6. The TV is getting old, the picture will be really narrow at first but it will be fine in about ten minutes.  7. Towels aren't in the linen closet, but in the cabinet under stairs.  8. The stove has a ceramic top, use only the glass pots and pans.  9. Don't use the microwave under any circumstances!!!   10. The food in the fridge is for you.

The Booby Trap


C  O  M  P  L  E   X  I  T  Y