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Standard online assistance in Formatting a Research Paper (including Works Cited and Bibliography), Criteria for Evaluating Web Sites, and Writing Resources


    Research Paper Formatting Assistance:

    The MLA Guide to Writing Research Papers: this compilation from the Modern Language Association contains the preferred style for documentation.

    Citing Internet Resources:  This is a bibliography of web sites you can use to help with citing Internet resources (from the University of Southern Maine). 

    The OWL at Purdue has a good set of guidelines for Internet Research:


          Evaluation of Web Sites

         The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Why it's a good idea to Evaluate Web Sites by
           Susan E. Beck Collection Development Coordinator, New Mexico State University Library.

           Evaluating Web Pages from UC Berkeley.

           Five Criteria for Evaluating Web Pages from Cornell University.


Writing Resources:

Bartlett's Quotations

Online Dictionary from One Look

The Cambridge Dictionaries

Roget's Thesarus in English

Columbia Encyclopedia

The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr.


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Table of Contents for Research Help Section

  1. Overview of the Process

  2. Guidelines for Selecting a Topic 

  3. Research Tips

  4. Shaping a Thesis

  5. Writing Workshop

  6. Standard Online Assistance in Formatting a Research Paper (including Works Cited and Bibliography)

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