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 The Fallout from Fukushima spreads West across the Globe

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April 1, 2011

NY Times contributor confirms California rainwater 181 times above drinking water standards for radioactive iodine-131

April 1, 2012

Fukushima monthly fallout now 10 times higher than last September

 April 1, 2014

Radio: “Surprisingly, high concentrations [of Fukushima cesium] found in Vancouver area” since ocean currents slow down — Levels are increasing — “Might be hotspots where radiation concentrates” — “Chances are high for marine life to absorb it… concern about mussels… clams, oysters”


 April 2, 2011

Volunteers are operating EPA’s radiation monitors — “Helps the federal agency save money”

Nuclear expert: EPA claim that no harmful radiation could reach US is “idiotic” — EPA says “the federal government is monitoring the situation”

Latest forecast has all of California under radiation threat April 6, 7 — Shows levels as high as in Japan

Canada suspends mobile radiation measurements around Vancouver, BC “until further notice” as radioactive cloud looms




April 4, 2011

4 of 11 radiation monitors were offline in California — EPA assures everything is OK, but much of the monitoring system broken

April 4, 2012

Japan Gov’t Study: Fukushima contamination in ocean reached Alaska in under a month

 April 4, 2014

Former Energy Dept. Official: People near Tokyo “were getting a yearly radiation dose in about 10 minutes” from Fukushima releases — “Radioactive gases might have been leaving at a rate of 300% a day, instead of 1% assumed by designer”


April 5, 2011

Top UN radiation official claims Fukushima “not expected to have any serious impact on people’s health”

 April 5, 2012

Study Author: California iodine-131 probably double or triple what we reported

Nuclear Expert: “I should make clear that if the EPA safe drinking water level doesn’t apply to rainwater, nothing does”


April 11, 2011

Tuna swim from Japan to US West Coast and arrive by late summer — “It may well have spent time in some of the most radioactive water on earth”

 April 6, 2012

Newspaper: Orange County coastal fish possibly affected by radioactivity — “I would assume it’s there” in the plants and animals off California’s coast says researcher

Beware ‘Spring Maximum’ for Radioactive Fallout



April 7, 2011

Radioactive rain causes 130 schools in Korea to close — Yet rain in California had 10 TIMES more radioactivity


April 8, 2012

Nuclear Expert: Radiation plume has now hit Hawaii — In a year it’ll probably reach U.S. West Coast


April 8, 2013


NOAA: Fukushima contamination possibly affecting sea lion pups — “Radiation is being looked at, just like everything else”


April 8, 2014

Gov’t model shows airborne radioactive plume covering entire west coast of US & Canada on Mar 22, 2011… 10 times more radioactive than plume coming from Fukushima plant on same day — Radiation levels in some plumes had no discernible decrease after crossing Pacific


April 8, 2011

Canada: Local official advising residents not to drink rainwater after tests find increasing radioactivity — Under pressure from Gov’t to stop testing

 April 9, 2014

Bloomberg: Fukushima a global disaster with huge environmental consequences… like all nuclear catastrophes — UC Berkeley Nuclear Expert: There’s ‘clear and obvious’ consequences from radiation release… citizens should be prepared… ‘cold truth’ is accidents will always occur


 April 10, 2012

San Francisco Bay Area milk sample has highest amount of Cesium-137 since last June — Almost double EPA’s maximum contaminant level

TV: Radiation in kelp could create a health concern for S. California seafood lovers — “The question we all want answered, how dangerous is this to you and me?”



April 11, 2013

NYTimes: Fukushima plant unstable says official, concern another accident can’t be prevented — “Vulnerable… Very dangerous”


April 11, 2014

Nuclear Engineer: Radiation levels “much higher” in areas of Fukushima plume headed to west coast than models show — Radio: Concern “other isotopes” besides cesium to cross Pacific




 April 13, 2011

Fukushima forecast shows large radiation cloud over U.S. West Coast on April 14, 15

Nuclear expert: Fukushima about 1,000 times worse than ever anticipated by the nuclear planners

Japan official says delay in raising Fukushima to a Level 7 was because “we could have triggered a panicked reaction”


 April 14, 2014

National Geographic: Fukushima considered world’s worst nuclear accident — Physician: Fukushima remains a “global health concern” — Kaku: “It’s so bad, they don’t even have a picture of melted core… the agony is unending”

Senior Scientist: Cancer increase expected on West Coast from Fukushima exposures; Radioactive particles can bio-accumulate and form hotspots while crossing Pacific — KCRW: Concern California wildlife to be impacted; Sea life can biomagnify nuclear waste, leading to higher levels of radiation


 April 15, 2014

Vancouver Sun: Scientists concerned dolphin species on west coast to be negatively impacted by Fukushima nuclear waste — Radiation levels to be increasing for years to come along coast — Canadian gov’t sampling for Iodine-129 in Pacific


April 11, 2011

State and city NOT testing drinking water for radioactivity because of EPA — EPA is “taking

April 16, 2012

Alaska’s #2 Newspaper: Spring brings fallout — Cesium-137 believed to cause malevolent genetic mutations, says reprinted editorial

 April 16, 2013

Plutonium-238 from Fukushima plant detected for first time offshore — Tepco reveals data 9 months later





 April 18, 2011

Renowned nuclear policy expert: “Every amount of radiation exposure increases your risk of cancer… There is no safe level of radiation”

Fukushima Forecast: Uninterrupted line of radiation stretches across Pacific, tracking towards West Coast of U.S., Canada


 April 19, 2012

Gundersen: Cesium-134 and -137 detected in Southern California pollen sample — “When you find them both together that’s a Fukushima signature”


April 20, 2011

New EPA data shows iodine-131 in Los Angeles tap water — Still no testing for radioactive cesium

April 20, 2014

 Gundersen: Fukushima will be bleeding into Pacific for next 100 years — Such a worldwide catastrophe — Molten cores being released into groundwater and moving off site — ‘Radioactive lake’ developing beneath reactors — New Yorker: “Human disaster that may never end”


 April 21, 2011

Japan admits daily radioactive release from Fukushima at 154 trillion Becquerels, many times higher than previously announced — Nuclear commission blames calculation error

Fukushima Forecast: Radiation cloud to approach US West Coast starting April 24

Top Massachusetts health official: Drinking water is ‘pretty safe’ because cities don’t use rainwater as a primary water source


April 22, 2012

Gov’t Report: EPA’s ability to protect human health with RadNet was “potentially impaired” for Fukushima — Officials questioned why they were using “dramatically less strict” standards for radioactive contamination

 April 22, 2013

CNN shows diagram of nuclear material leaking from Fukushima reactor — “Tepco always says it’s alright… it always turns out they’re not telling the truth”


April 23, 2012

New Interview: Fukushima poses lethal risk to US West Coast, says Senator — Another bomb waiting to go off — Extreme nuclear vulnerability, especially in Reactor No. 4



 April 24, 2012

150km from Fukushima Daiichi: Radioactive plumes continued during summer — Fallout was re-suspended during daytime by daily convection due to sunshine

Worse than radioactive rain? After Fukushima, fallout was suspended near Earth’s surface without settling down, says new study — “Potentially a health risk, especially for children as they breathe closer to ground”


April 25, 2013

Japan and IAEA “grossly downplaying” Fukushima cesium releases — Chernobyl-like levels leaked from plant

 April 25, 2014

PBS Reporter Miles O’Brien: “No one likes to see ocean filled with cesium and strontium and so forth” — It’s arriving on West Coast of U.S. as we speak — “Nobody likes the idea of eating cesium from Fukushima” — “Tainted water dumped into Pacific as we speak”


 April 26, 2011

New EPA radiation tests show Cesium in California rainwater at highest level since crisis began

New type of Fukushima forecast shows radioactive Cesium, Iodine over large sections of U.S. and Canada


 April 27, 2013

Highest fallout levels in Tokyo since soon after Fukushima crisis began


 Chernobyl Disaster, 1986


 April 29, 2011

Radioactive Strontium Found in Hawaii Milk


 April 30, 2014

Japan TV: Radioactive release was up to 500 times larger than thought for Fukushima reactor — Surprising surge in radiation levels before explosions — Our understanding of what happened at plant is ‘very limited’

April 30, 2013

Fox News: Humans to be affected by what’s killing California sea lions? Would be sad if it’s because of Fukushima disaster


May 6, 2014 Update:

Over 50 dead seals, sea lions, whales, walrus recently stranded in Alaska — Dozens of seals suffering from baldness, skin sores — Experts: “Marine transported Fukushima radionuclides… may represent a new stressor to ecosystem”



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