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 May 1, 2014

AP: “This town is dead”… Locals feel Fukushima plant could explode any minute; Yearly ‘safe’ radiation levels exceeded “in a matter of a few hours” — TV: “Fukushima evacuees complain of health problems”; Nearly 70% of households affected


 May 2, 2011

Official: Japanese gov’t withheld radiation forecasts to prevent causing panic

Medical experts: Japan’s safety standards on radiation levels for children are “unconscionable”


May 3, 2011

EPA will no longer conduct radiation monitoring related to Fukushima — Results have not been updated for almost a week

 May 3, 2013

Nuclear Safety Expert: “Many experts are extremely concerned we could have additional releases” at Fukushima plant — “Very, very unstable facility”




 May 5, 2014

Japan TV: ‘Endless fight’ against radiation — Levels in home at 7,500% gov’t limit — ‘Shocking’ 62,700 Bq/kg of cesium in mushrooms… “They just stared at the numbers” — Retired Official: “This will taste great fried…When decontamination finished it will be safe for people to return”


May 6, 2011

Crew members on Justin Bieber’s tour refuse go to Japan for upcoming shows in Tokyo, Osaka because of radiation — Manager says to “man the f*** up”

May 6, 2014

“Nuclear fuel fragments” from Fukushima found in Europe — 10,000+ kilometers from reactors — Study: Plume “directly from N. America” — Hot particles a “significant part” radioactive releases — Quickly spread over entire hemisphere — Film shows core material on Norway air filter

 May 6, 2013

Study: Vast area of 60 million people contaminated from Fukushima disaster




May 8, 2012

Nuclear Professor: 5,000 Hiroshima bombs worth of cesium-137 in spent fuel pool No. 4 — “Low estimate”

 May 8, 2013

Hospital Official in Fukushima: “Extremely scary data” — Stroke rate spiking in people ages 35 to 64 — 3.4 times higher than before


 May 9, 2012

Head of Tokyo-area Medical Clinic: “Risk from internal exposure is 200-600 times greater than risk from external exposure”

Kyodo: More than 25 Koriyama schools with high radiation areas — At least 19 nursery and elementary schools affected — 60km from Fukushima Daiichi


 May 10, 2013

‘Emergency decontamination’ needed in places used by Fukushima kids — Highly radioactive material accumulating — City Official: Many times higher than previous record for urban areas


May 11, 2011

Watchdog: Inexplicable that EPA shut down Fukushima radiation monitoring after finding high levels of radiation in drinking water

 May 11, 2012

Kyoto Professor: 20,000 square kilometers would be evacuated if Japan followed law on “illegal” radioactive waste — 20 times larger than no-go zone


 May 12, 2011

High radiation beyond evacuation zone — Kyoto nuclear professor surprised by extent of contamination and the vast area it covers




 May 14, 2012

Young girl covered in mud during decontamination effort in former Fukushima evacuation zone — Ban on entering area lifted only last month


 May 15, 2012

Watch: Mystery black substance detected in Japan with extreme radioactivity levels — Over 170,000 CPM

Japan Physicians: 1 million will develop cancer and die from Fukushima radiation, using expert’s figures


May 16, 2011

Report: Obama administration urged Japan Prime Minister’s government “to take steps to prevent a further decline in Tepco stock”

 May 16, 2012

Tokyo Newspaper: 6 in 10 Fukushima children tested have diabetes — Head of Tokyo-area Medical Clinic: We are expecting diabetes in children from Fukushima radiation


May 17, 2011

Nearly 3,000 evacuees rushed to hospital by ambulance — From shelters in Fukushima, Iwate and Miyagi

 May 17, 2013

ZDF Bureau Chief: Very high radioactive dose of 65 microsieverts per hour in Fukushima City — “Informed officials 3 month ago, nothing happened until today!” — Many children pass by everyday


May 18, 2012

More children who evacuated Fukushima found with thyroid abnormalities

 May 18, 2013

Japan Times: Radiation level in Fukushima town 400 times higher than in Tokyo — 10 kilometers from Daiichi


 May 19, 2013

Rice planted 10 miles from Fukushima Daiichi — Residents can’t stay in town overnight — “Intended for sale”


 May 20, 2012

Report from Fukushima: ‘Total levels of radiation are not decreasing at all’ — Japan gov’t ‘does nothing’ — ‘Individuals are left to deal with the problem’

Trillions of becquerels per day still being emitted from Fukushima Daiichi — Radioactive steam continues


 May 21, 2013

AP: Radiation levels outside Fukushima “exceeded the annual limit for nuclear workers” — Residents now demanding help


 May 22, 2011

Over one thousand nuclear workers have internal radiation of 10,000+ cpm after visiting Fukushima

Nearly 5,000 nuke plant workers suffering internal radiation exposure after ‘visiting’ Fukushima — Local gov’t to consider testing residents


 May 23, 2011

70,000 more “must evacuate around Fukushima” — Contamination up to several million Bq/m2

UN committee chairman studying Fukushima radiation impact: “We wouldn’t expect to see health effects” in children, workers, or anyone else


May 24, 2011 Report about “Triple Meltdown” says it’s “not-great-but-not-apocalyptic news du jour”

 May 24, 2012

Nakate: Big change in number of child deaths in Fukushima due to illnesses after July 2011 — Death from cardiovascular disease doubled — Cancer and leukemia also increased


May 25, 2012

Mayor: “We are definitely suffering from radiation exposure in our bodies” and want health care — Just 2% of Fukushima residents have had radiation testing by gov’t

Asahi: ‘Major problems’ with radiation testing for children



 May 26, 2011

Huge Outcry Erupting: Gov’t is leaving Fukushima to suffer and perish — Impossible to evacuate Fukushima City, home to 300,000


 May 27, 2011

Ozawa: We may not be able to live in Japan someday — Radiation is going to be flowing out for a long period of time


 May 28, 2012

NYTimes: Fukushima Daiichi pushed Japan to brink of evacuating metropolitan Tokyo’s 30 million residents and national collapse, says former Prime Minister


 May 29, 2013

TV Interview with Fukushima Resident: Coughing blood, stinging sensation on skin after explosions — “Very peculiar smell”


May 30, 2011

TEPCO official admits there will be “major delay” to contain crisis because of triple meltdown — Stabilizing reactors by start of 2012 may be “impossible”

Fukushima risks Chernobyl ‘Dead Zone’ — Over 5,000,000 becquerels per square meter of Cesium-137 outside 20 km zone

 May 30, 2012

Cyanobacteria and alpha radiation detected 350km from Fukushima Daiichi (


 May 31, 2013

UN: “Fukushima nuclear disaster poses no IMMEDIATE health risks” — Unknown if increase in thyroid cancer is due to radioactivity


May 2014 Update:

Two Manga Comics feature Fukushima Theme



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