Califia docudramas are based on the fragmented documents of the past, fictional reconstructions of the family myths:


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The City Builders traces the misadventures of John Summerland and LeMoyne Beveridge - and the dreamers who transformed Los Angeles from a scubby little settlement by a sometime river to a huge city--the Boomer Days.

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"The dream they sold us was not quite the dream we got."  In The City Lost.

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From the Amazon Queen to the gold of the Sierra Madre.  Two Califia characters are shipwrecked in Baja California in 1848 and decide, since they are already in California, they might as well walk to the Gold Fields.  The Baja Trek.

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Erskine Summerland and Philo Beveridge fly a plane over the Tehachepi Mountains--and straight into the side of one--looking for the Califia gold.  In Erk's Log.

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Rosalind Summerland takes flying lessons with Amelia, meets up with Bette Davis, attends parties at Hearst Castle, and decides to stay as far away as possible from the curse of the Califia gold. In Rosalind and The Pearls.

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Misplaced gold mines, everlasting love, deception, and a mysterious fire figure in the story of Quintana Lugo.

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Violet Summerland lives without time or speech.  But she knows the names of the Dipper stars.  In Paradise Home.


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Samuel Walker hides his gold near the Tejon Fort, falls in love with Willing Stars, and runs into trouble with the Indian Agent.  In The Tejon Letters.


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"Players don't come out unscathed, they just stay in the game longer."  The story of one such player, JackRabbit Jack Summerland.


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A mysterious train wreck, the search for the Rock Baby, and life at the San Antonio Rancho.  In Pretinella's Journal.