Califia is rich with legends of the past and present:


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Kaye traces the oldest legends of the discoveries of California. . .

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Moments from Califia

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From the the persistent myth of the Island of the Terrestrial Paradise in the Sea of Ind. . .

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To the mysterious Amazon women with Arms of Gold who inhabited this land.

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She relates the forgotten history of the Chumash and of Willing Stars - who knew the secrets of the tatoos and the string figures, the paths through the heavens.

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To the Chumash, the Turtle seemed a likely companion.  The movment of Turtle under the earth was believed to produce earthquakes. The Coyote and the Creation.

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Violet Summerland lives without time.  But she knows the names of the Dipper stars.  In Paradise Home.

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And the search contines for the lost mines, out in the desert, under blazing skies - the dream hides under every rock.

Castenada, who wrote of the Coronado expedition said: "Granted that they did not find the riches of which they had been told, they found a place in which to search for them."